What is Candid Photography?

A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved in many ways, for example:

  • 1. when the subject is in motion,
  • 2. by avoiding prior preparation of the subject,
  • 3. by surprising the subject,
  • 4. by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.

Thus, the candid character of a photo is unrelated to the subjects knowledge about or consent to the fact that photos are being taken, and unrelated to the subjects permission for further usage and distribution. The crucial factor is the actual absence of posing. However, if the subject is absolutely unaware of being photographed and does not even expect it, and then such photography is secret photography, which is a special case of candid photography.

Candid VS Normal Photographers

Picture Quality Differences.

Traditional photographers most of the time focuses on posed portraits with standard poses almost in all the weddings. Their pictures are super sharp and the bride and the groom standing in front of camera are fully visible along with the person standing far behind on a reception/wedding venue. Everything in those pictures will be seen crystal clear.

We live in an age where we daily see glamorous pictures online or in magazines of models /pretty brides and everyone somewhere deep in their heart think of being clicked some day in same way. Welcome to the new age of Candid wedding Photographers, As mentioned above the way they see light or use same gear they can give you same gorgeous quality images on your big day.

Lets do a case study based on some images below clicked by Candid Vs traditional photographers. Left ones are candid and right ones are traditional.In below picture see how Candid photographers & traditional photographer saw the same scene differently. Both pictures were clicked at same time at same position.

Candid :We saw bride standing and then we saw buildings & some tress in background, we decided to move little bit to get into a position so that we avoid the building in background and get only trees. Post that same advance camera setting & correct flash output so that bride pops out of the image, Also a warm tone to image blends well with background.

TRADITIONAL :We personally feel the image looks plane white looking straight into camera with overdoes of flash.

Candid :We all love first dance done by couple on Sangeet night, usually for this performance the decor guy keeps the best light/smoke effects.A candid photographer with right settings on camera and right amount of flash ensures that colorful ambience is shown in picture as it happened live.

Traditional : On the other side, this time the tradtional photographer does not use flash, but due to insufficient knowledge on gear will either make the picture totally flashy or dark as seen in below pictures.Seen in below pics the ambience color of room & dance-floor is missing totally.

How To Choose Best Candid Photographers

Location :Though it is fairly easy to travel all across the country these days, it is natural that the photographer flying in from a distant place will have that expense built in the quote. It will be the best if you start looking for a suitable photographer locally. However, if no local photographer suits you, you MUST not compromise. What you pay to the photographer is going to be dwarfed by the total expenditure on your wedding.

Style : Every photographer has or develops his / her own distinct hallmark style. It is fairly easy to get an idea by looking at their portfolio. However, most of them only display a handful of great pictures on their website. Any average photographer who has shot a number of weddings can throw in 10-15 good enough images on display. Therefore, I recommend that you see at least one complete set of pictures from an entire wedding. It will give you a very fair idea of his abilities to click good picture consistent with your expectations.

Skill : Skill of a photographer is exhibited in his ability to generate fresh or fun perspective to an ordinary scene. This skill sets him apart from others who merely work on fixed angles and perspectives and produce similar looking images across all the weddings. I am always on the lookout for a different angle of view and do not hesitate in climbing up, lying down on the floor, crawling down, or hanging out of a window (of course, with safety) if it provides me a fresh perspective.

Personality :Once you have liked the style and are confident of his skills to produce good picture, the next step is know him as a person. It is highly recommended that after the initial quote and ice-breaking, you talk to him over the phone or, even better; meet with him /her in person for a cup of coffee to see what sort of person he/she is. Ideally, you should choose a photographer who has similar personality as yours. For instance, a serious and introvert photographer may not do justice with your expectation of fun pictures.

Passion :When you speak with them over the phone or in person, ask a lot of questions about their approach and ideas for your wedding. Listen to them carefully and try to see if they have a passion for photography or are looking for just another business assignment. The one with a passion for this art is much more likely to challenge his / her abilities and use the skills to get the best pictures. Therefore, in order to make the informed choice, try to meet at least a few best candid photographers and visit their studios. Your main job will be selecting a photographer whose working style closely matches with your own preferences and personality. Ask as many questions as possible and look through the portfolio of all the selected candidates. A professional photographers sample work reflects his or her best work, so you may ask for his or her sample work in order to find the Best Candid Wedding Photographersaccording to what you like.

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