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  • 23th NOV, 2019
bengali wedding photography

How to shoot a bengali wedding?

India is a diverse country which has different cultures and different ethnicities and obviously different wedding rituals. Each and every culture have their own traditions and significance. The wedding is one of the most precious days in any couples life. If you are a Wedding Photographer then you have to make sure that you capture the most exquisite and memorable moments on their big day.

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  • Parampara Photography
  • 16th OCT, 2019
Candid Photography

What is Candid Photography?

A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved in many ways, for example:

  • 1. when the subject is in motion,
  • 2. by avoiding prior preparation of the subject,
  • 3. by surprising the subject,
  • 4. by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.

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  • Parampara Photography
  • 19th SEP, 2019
Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

Things To Consider While Hiring A Candid Wedding Photographer In Kolkata

Are you getting hitched this wedding season? So your big day preparations are in full pace, I guess. And you must be all tied up in planning the wedding attire, wedding venue, catering menus and so on. Right? But is something slipping off your mind? Have you planned hiring a best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata who can capture the beautiful moments of your life in photographs so that you can cherish them throughout your life? If not, then it is high time you seek professional service for documenting your big day properly.

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  • Parampara Photography
  • 22th AUG, 2019
Pre-Wedding Photography

Is There A Need For Pre-Wedding Photos And Video?

Wedding is considered as a biggest event in everyone’s life. Yes each one of us will have very special imaginations and plans about our biggest day. So, to have those special moments and memories preserved forever we take so much care in choosing the best photographers.

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  • Parampara Photography
  • 18th JUL, 2019
Pre Wedding Photoshoot

10 Pointers Awesome Pre Wedding Photoshoot

First Things First. You Need To Book A Photographer Who Can Showcase Your Personality. Once You Have Browsed Through Someones Work – You Should Have A Fair Idea About The Kind Of Pictures That You Might Be Able To Get. Remember – Showing A Photographer If He/She Can Replicate Somebody Elses Style – Is Not What You Want To Do. It Is Only Going To Leave You Disappointed In The End, And You Will Blame The Photographer For Your Own Bad Judgement. Once You Can Visualise Yourself In The Photographers Existing Body Of Work – You Have Found The Right Match For Your Photoshoot.

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  • Parampara Photography
  • 20th JUN, 2019
Wedding Locations In India

The Top 5 Most Awesome Destination Wedding Locations In India

Fancy having a destination wedding in India? But, confused with the plethora of options available. Here is a list of 5 of my favourite destination wedding locations, that are not only beautiful, but are also easy to get to. I have photographed some really beautiful weddings at these destinations. Here are some notes that would help you pick the best location for your destination wedding.

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  • Parampara Photography
  • 23th MAY, 2019

What is the role of a photographer at a wedding?

Photographers play a significant role in the wedding industry. Professional photographers have learned the nooks and corners on how to beautify a moment through their experience. The hustle and bustle you face in the wedding hours can be brilliantly ignored or hid by a professional wedding photographer

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  • Parampara Photography
  • 19th APR, 2019
pre wedding shoot

What is the logic of pre wedding shoot?

Most of the wedding photographers being more interested in making some quick money would obviously promote the growing trend of pre-wedding shoots. I do not think if they would ever question why people go for pre-wedding shoots till the time they have to get it done for themselves or someone in their family. So, why do people spend so much for a pre-wedding shoot? Is it an unnecessary expense? Does it add any value?

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